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Valentina Ortiz Pandolfi is a recognized story teller, musician and writer. In New York she trained with Jerzy Grotowsky and spent time at the Stanislavsky studio. She studied music in the Paris Conservatory and at the Jazz workshop of Mexico´s Superior School of Music. She also majored in Political Science at Columbia University and did her master´s degree at the Mexican Autonomous University in Arts´ Administration.

In 1978 she started her career as a theater actress participating in different projects in Mexico and the United States. From 1993 on, she has been a percussionist in different bands and orchestras, playing tropical and swing music. She has also led and participated in afro-cuban and Mexican traditional percussive ensembles.

Starting the year 2000 she joined the troupe “La Fábrica, danza-teatro y otras ocurrencias” presenting the play she wrote “Bigú la Tortuga” among others.

From 2003 on she has put together an ample variety of shows were she combines stories, music and movement presenting them in different scenarios in Mexico and in international festivals like the Singapur International Storytelling Case, 2009, Fiestas Patrias, Hong Kong, Encuentro Internacional Cuentos de Primavera, El Salvador, Mujeres de Palabra, Cali, Colombia, among others.

She has produced four records with her original stories and music, Dream Soup, Earth Stories, Tale of a Living River, 100% Xochiquetzal funded by the Culture Secretariat and the National Development Institute of Mexico.

She has published several story books like the one written about the Mazahua indigenous women of Santa Martha del Sur “Taming History” and the historical description of the Jamaica market place in Mexico City, “Jamaica lives.”

She is the general director of the non profit association Zazanilli Cuentos A.C. organizing art workshops and creative collaborative projects with marginal groups of Mexico. She received the Cenzontle de oro prize for her storytelling and the Theater Grant 2014 from the National Fund for Art and Culture of the Mexican government.

She has taught story telling workshops in many different institutions, from universities to rural elementary schools, specializing in the creation of personal stories as the reconstruction of individual and community history.