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STORIES WITHOUT MAKEUP: Cosmeticians who study in local development centers of violent Mexican barrios write their own stories and print out their classroom book. Hip hop songs are written based on those narratives. The show “Stories without makeup” is born with these women and tours plazas and social development centers of Mexico City, taking the teachings of these cosmeticians to many women. This show is still on the road.


VOICES OF ORIGIN, MAZAHUA WOMEN: Migrant indigenous mazahua women accepted to gather and reconstructed the tales from their home town and the stories about their daily life in Mexico City. After publishing the book of these stories they formed a storytelling company and a traditional dance group. For several years, directed by Valentina, they toured the country, dancing, singing and presenting their stories in Spanish and in their native language, speaking up for the indigenous Mexican women.


TALES OF A LIVING RIVER: There is one last river in Mexico City that can still see the sun, all the others have been imprisoned in underground pipes. The people of the Atlictic neighborhood accepted to speak their memories and their longings about the Magdalena River, this resulted in a record of songs and stories called Words of a living river. This material was presented in a show for the local schools reminding the young ones of the importance of caring for our parks and for our sources of fresh water.


100% XOCHIQUETZAL: The women of the home for elder sexual workers called Casa Xochiquetzal accompanied Valentina in different workshops and produced the record 100% Xochiquetzal, rumba y sabor. Several Mexican musicians became involved in the project; the result was a fun combination of salsa songs and short stories.  This record was presented by the women themselves and a salsa band, in different open spaces of Mexico City, reminding the audiences of the sensibility and humanity of the elders, of the women who practice sexual work and the right of women in general to have a free and powerful life.


DIFFERENT IS BEAUTIFUL: Funded by UNESCO, Valentina developed the show called Different is beautiful to visit a long list of high schools in Mexico City. Through these stories and music the children heard about diversity, their rights to have their own indigenous culture, to express their sexual preferences, to speak up. Afterwards they participated in different workshops with the artists so they could express their opinions on the subject through poetry, graffiti and games.